i'm pretty sure this is right...
        if its not then email me...
                 i don't mind hate mail...

*tune each string down one step then drop the D string down to C*

intro -->

d| ------------------------------------
A| ------------------------------------
F| ---------------------5---4---4------
C| -----4---5---5---4---------------4--
G| *0*-2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---
C| ------------------------------------
     *Don't play after first time*

d| -------------------------------
A| -------------------------------
F| -------------------------------
C| 0--0---4-4---3--0--2-----2---2-
G| 0--0---4-4---3--0--2-----------
C| 0--0---4-4---3--0--2---2---2---.

d| --------------------------------------------------------
A| --------------------------------------------------------
F| --7---7--7---7---7--7---7---7--7--7/10-----10---10---10-
C| -7---7--7---7---7--7---7---7--7---7/10---10---10---10---
G| 5---5------5---5------5---5-------5/8-------------------
C| --------------------------------------------------------

d| ------------------------------
A| ------------------------------
F| ------------------------------
C| 0--3-0-4-3-0-3-4-0-4-3-0-0---0
G| 0--3-0-4-3-0-3-4-0-4-3-0-0---0
C| 0--3-0-4-3-0-3-4-0-4-3-0-0---0

end riff-->
****just play around with the intro and slow it down. its pretty 
     close to the intro...minus a few notes.

there are all the parts...listen to the song to figure out the timing and placement.

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