Kid Rock - Early Morning Stoned Pimp
Submitted By: Lockie D
EMail: [email protected] noticed in a lot of KR songs tabbed here, the 2nd guitarist 
is often forgotten.  I see why now, it's a lot of work 
getting those parts tabbed.  But, I went ahead and sat down 
and listened to a few songs and got the 2nd guitar part 
(the part hardest to hear) for this song.  Here it is

(intro-this is an eleven, not 2 ones)
e  |
B  |--11/12----
G  |
D  |  
A  |  
E  |

e  |
B  |
G  |-----------5-5------
D  |--1/2-2--2-----5-5-2-2
A  |
E  |

(pre chorus)
e  |--------------7----5
B  |--11-12/11----------

(chorus-these are elevens, tens, and twelves)
e  |
B  |
G  |--6-86-86-8-10/11--10-------------
D  |-------------------------11-10----
A  |--------------------------------12
E  |

ok, thats as much as I can get.

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