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From: OSCAR VON SYDOW [[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, January 23, 1998 4:18 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: TAB: 'En helt ny karri?r' by 'Kent'

Transcribed by Ebba von Sydow ([email protected])?

???????????? Em?
Jag krossar f?nstret
???????????????? C???????????????? G??
tar mig in i ditt rum
??????????????????????????????????? C
det ?r en helt ny v?rld
??????????????????????????????????? G????????? G/F#??
men jag ?r alldeles _lugn
???????????????????????? Em???????????????????????
Jag krossar f?nstret
C???????????????? G
tar mig in i ditt rum
????????????????????? C
en helt ny karri?r
???????????????????????? G??? Bb??? C???????? D
i en helt ny stad

D???????????????????????????? C????? Am?????? D??????
de vill verkligen ha mig kvar
D???????????????? C????? Am
de vill verkligen ha mig h?r
???????????????? G??? G/F#?????????
en helt ny karri?r_

????????????????? Em
Och n?ra gatan
?????? C??????? G?
med en bl?dande hand?
????????????????? C?
s? l?nge f?tterna b?r?
????????????????? G??? G/F#?
s? l?nge lunderna _kl?r??? (?)?
???????? Em??? C?
och n?ra gatan?
?????????????? G????????????????????????????????
var det du som vann?
??????????????? C
en helt ny karri?r?
???????????????????? G??? Bb??? C??????? D
i en helt ny stad?

D???????????????? C????? Am
de vill verkligen ha mig kvar?
D???????????????? C????? Am?
de vill verkligen ha mig h?r?
??????????????? Em?
en helt ny karri?r__?? x 10 (Em?? C?? G?? G/F#...)?

So, this is how I play one of my favourite songs by 'Kent' (best Swedish group of the 90s). This song can 
found on one of the singles from their second album, 'Verkligen'. If you have any comments please send 
to me! /Ebs

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