I've studied this song for years and months, and I finay got it! its very hard to play on 
a regular el-guitar so I prissiate to play it on my steel-guitar.... but this is the tab 
for a regular guitar..... good luck..

if you want to argue aboot the text i have the official kelly family book.....so go to 

here it goes..
Artist: kelly family
song: fell in love with an alien.

Dropped D-tuning

I fell in love with an alien....nanana

not dropped D-tuning!.... you have to tune your guitar fast enough to play the verse... 
you got aboot 3 seconds to toune it!! this is hard

repeat this 42 times and scream ass-fucking donkey 
very loud!

this is everything.... don't forget to tune your guitar!

comments: [email protected]
remember: i have the book...so do not complain!!

by kajj-areh.

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