Verse 1: C Em 
i walked along an empty land 
F G 
i Knew the pathway like the back of my hand 
C Em 
I felt the earth beneath my feet 
F G 
Sat by the river and it made me complete 
Bridge: Am Em 
Oh simple thing where have you gone 
F G 
Im gettin old and i need somthin to rely on 
Am Em 
So tell me when your gonna let me in  
F G 
Im gettin tired and i need somewhere to begin 
Verse 2: C Em 
I came along a fallen tree 
F G 
I felt the branches of them lookin at me 
C Em 
Is this the place we used to Love 
F G 
Is this the place where ive been dreamin of 
Chours: F G 
And if you have a minute why dont we go  
F G 
Talk about it somewhere only we know  
F G 
This could be the end of everything 
So why dont we go 
Somewhere only we know 

Only my second tab, hoope its okay.......enjoy!!! Rick

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