Lal meri pat

Transcribed by Wasim and Shoaib.

These are the chords that Salman plays at the start. Just figure
out the rythm and how many times you strike the different chords
by listening to the song.

It's actually easy. Basically you hold a D, and move your little
finger around.


After the starting riff, play A major and then E
major continously, to figure out the bars listen to the song. before starting
the song strum D major, then vocals comes in.

D            A                    E
lal meri pat rekhio bala jholay lal lar
Bm     A  Bm     A  D
sindre da saywan da sakhi shahbaz qalander
        A    D        A     D
damadam mast qalander sakhi shahbaz qalader
ho lal mairee hooo lal mairee

the same chords progression goes for the verses, you'll find little changes
among them but i think you can figure them out after having the basic idea.

Usman Haroon
[email protected]

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