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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 09:24:08 -0500 (EST)
From: [email protected]

                       MESSAGE OF LOVE
                                        by JOURNEY
                       Transcribed by Oscar Montezuma
                       Music and Lyrics by Steve Perry, Neal Schon
                       Jonathan Cain and John Bettis
                       From the Album: TRIAL BY FIRE (1997)

        Another excellent tune from the TBF, Schon at his best. This tune is
for many people (including me) a kind of revival of their 80s hit SEPARATE
WAYS due to its similarity!! ENJOY!!!

        I, walk alone in the dark, without you

        And deep, in the shadows i run, without you
             C             D                Em
        And here, here i stand the king of fools
             C                    D
        Now loves here, where are you

          Baby can you hear me

          Can you hear me callin
         C                                  D
          Baby can you hear my....message of love

        Why have i waited so long to be there...for you

        Now, now im ready to give everything..to you
               C                 D
        Now loves here, where are you

        C                     G
        I hear.. but i never listen
       Bb                   F
        I see..and im still blind
       C                         Em         D
        All alone..lost in the silence, im dyin


(fade playing with the same chords)

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