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                  Faithfully -  (Journey)

       Highway [D]run [Dadd9] [Dsus4] [D]
       Into the [Bm]midnight sun
       [G]Wheels go round and round you're on my [D]mind
       Restless [D]hearts [Dadd9] [Dsus4] [D]
       Sleep [Bm]alone through the night
       Se[G]nding all my love
       Along the [D]wi[A]re

       They [G]say that the road ain't no [Bm]
       place to start a [D]family [Dsus4][D]
       Right[G] down the [Bm] line its been you and [D]me
       And [G]loving a music man  ain't [Bm] always what its supposed to [D]be
       Oh [A] girl [A?]stand by [A]me
       I'm [Em]forever [G]yours  [D]faithfully

P.S Play the [Bm] as  E A D G B e
                      x x o 4 3 2

    Play the [A?] as  E A D G B e
                      x x 2 2 2 5

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