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From: Tom Lindsey 
george jones

You're Still On My Mind
L McDaniel

    A                               D
The jukebox is playing a honky tonk song
D                  E                    A
One more I keep saying and then I'll go home
A                                          D
What good would it do me, I know what I'll find
D  E                                                    A
An empty bottle of broken hearts and you're still on my mind

The people are laughing and having their fun
While I sit here crying over what you have done
My pockets are empty, my last drink of wine,
An empty bottle of broken hearts and your still on my mind

Alone and forsaken, so blue I could die
I just sit here drinking till the bottle runs dry
To try and forget you I turn to the wine
An empty bottle of broken hearts and your still on my mind

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