CM                                                           A
Drink the water drink it down,this time i know i'm bound to spit it back up
G                    CM                                               A               G
I didn't want this.. salty substitute it's just notta going to do.. i need some air.. if i'm going to live through..
 CM                                         A                G
this experience reminds me of a clock that just won't tick, I wanna wake up..
CM                                                    A          G
from this conkashan but my dream is just not done I'm lit again. it's just one of those,
CM                                                       A               G
bad days look outside and a be careful what you write it just might find that your out of
F       A    CM           F          A              CM    Ab   C
time to swim ashore..If i dream long enough i'll be home..         SOLO:
CM                                           A                G
He's got dillusions between his ears man  it takes up to much space.
CM                                           A                     G
and all that tension between his kids man it never ever leave this place
CN                                                    A                          G
he's got stones instead of bones and everybody knows, ah man that could make you real real slow
CM                                                   A                     G
and if heaven was below he'd know just where to go.. dive in the ocean and sink like a stone..

F            A     CM           F          A              CM    Ab   C   CM
it's time to swim ashore.. if i drift long enough i'll be home..

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