Song: Inaudible Melodies
Artist: Jack Johnson
Album: Brushfire Fairytales

Standard Tuning as delineated by the tablature

Basically the rhythm part of this song starts out

e  ---------------------                   ---------------------          --------------|
B  ---------------------                   ---------------------          --------------|
G  -------------5--x-5-5                   7--x-7-7--x--5-x-5-5-          7-------------|
D  5--x-5-5--x--5--x-5-5   Repeat 2x then  7--x-7-7--x--5-x-5-5-    Then  7-------------|
A  5--x-5-5--x--3--x-3-3                   5--x-5-5--x--3-x-3-3-          5-------------|
E  3--x-3-3--x-----x----                   ---x------x----x-----          --------------|

	Repeat this whole thing twice then the song shifts to this for the duration

e  --------------------------------------|
B  --------------------------------------|
G  ----------4-x-4-4-x-5-x-5-5-x---------|
D  5-x-5-5-x-4-x-4-4-x-5-x-5-5-x-7-x-7-7-|
A  5-x-5-5-x-2-x-2-2-x-3-x-3-3-x-7-x-7-7-|
E  3-x-3-3-x---x-----x---x-----x-5-x-5-5-|

Then the end is something like this

e ------------------------|
B ------------------------|
G 7-4-9-4-5---------------|
D 7-4-9-4-5-7---5---------|
A 5-2-7-2-3-7---5---------|
E ----------5-0-3---------|

a quick listen to the song and you will pick up the stroke rhythm

for the lead guitar you can just play around with the penatonic scale


that is basically what he plays around with for most of the song

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