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Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 14:51:28 -0400
Subject: Chords: How Insensitive By: Tom Jobim

Insensatez/How insensitive

By Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes. English lyrics by norman Gimbel.

The lyrics in potuguese are so deep. Try to understand it! So nice!

I try to aproach to more I can... to the fingering of Tom.


Bm7        x-2-0-2-3-2-----------------|
F#7/A#     6-x-4-6-5-x  or 6-4-4-6-5-x-| Like you want.
Am6        5-x-4-5-5-x-----------------|
E7/G#      4-x-2-4-3-x-----------------|
G6         3-x-2-4-3-x-----------------|
C7M        x-3-2-0-0-0-----------------|  (at least one so simple!)
C#m7(b5)   x-4-2-0-0-0-----------------|
F#7(b9b13) 2-x-2-3-3-3-----------------|
Bm(7M)     x-2-x-3-3-2-----------------|
D7/A       5-x-4-5-3-x-----------------|
Ab=BA        4-x-3-4-3-x---------------|
G7M        3-x-4-4-3-x-----------------|
Em7(9)     0-x-x-0-3-2-----------------|
C#7/G#     4-x-3-4-2-x-----------------|
Em6/G      3-x-2-4-2-x-----------------|
F#7(b13)   2-x-2-3-3-x-----------------|

Verse 1:

Bm7          F#/A#              Am6
How, insensitive,  I must have seemed
A,   insensatez, Que vo-  c=EA   fez

                           E7/G#    =20
When she told me that she loved me                                    =20
Cora=E7ao mais sem      cui-da----do=20

G6              C7M               C#m7(b5)
How unmoved and cold I must have seemed
Fez   chorar de dor,     O seu a--mor

          F#(b9b13) Bm(7M)         Bm7
When she told me so since----rely
Um     a-mor tao  delica------do =20

D7/A               Ab=BA  =20
Why, she must have asked?
Ah,  meu co---ra---co

           G7M        Em7(9)        Bm7 =20
Did I just turn and stare in icy----silence
Foi fraco asim      assim tao desal-ma-do

D7/A           C#7/G#             Em6/G =20
What was I to say    What can you say=20
Ah,  meu cora-cao    Quem nunca a-mou

        F#7(b13)     Bm7
When a love afair is over.=20
Nao  mere-ce ser   a-ma-do.

Verse 2:
Now, she's gone away, And I'm alone
Vai, meu coracao, ouve a razao

With a memory of her last look
Usa s=F3 sinceridade

Vague, and drawn and sad, I see it still
Quem semeia vento, Diz a razao=20

All her heart break in that last look
Colhe sempre tempestade

How she must have asked
Vai meu caracao

Could I just turn dan stare in icy silence
Pede perdao, perdao, apaixonado

What, was I To do, what can you do
Vai, porque quem nao, pede pardao

When a love affair is over.=20
Nao =E9 nunca perdoado.

Karim Boudjema. (Bolivia)   [email protected]

Some questions about Tom Jobim? Mail me....

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