artist:  jj72
song:  undercover angel
tab by:  paddy o'reilly - [email protected]

   i didnt mean to tab this, im normally lazy and let other people do the tabbing for me,
but i bought the jj72 album, and i put on this track and it just came to me, its not difficult
really, and is very easy to pick up, this is my first tab, so im not so experienced, but
you should be able to use it ok.

G    (320003)
C    (332010)
D    (xx0232)
AM   (002210)
EM   (022000)

INTRO (main riff)
     C                   G                  D                  AM
B----b8--8--8--7-7-7----b8-8-8-8--7-7-7----b8-8-8-10-10-10----b8-8-8--10 10 10-|

C     G   C     G
I saw you in a river
D     AM     D       AM
star-dust and golden spray
C        G       C         G
was sent down by the good sun
D      AM       D          AM
covered you and made you shine

C       G                 D   AM   EM
An angel,  thats what you a---r----e
C       G                            D     AM      EM
but this shining flower knows it can stinggggggggggg


C     G   C     G
i know my mind is
D    AM  D    AM
tak--en over by
C            G        C           G
this satellite in the land of cloud
D       AM    D       AM
where you fell frommmmm
C     G                      D    AM  EM
an ang-ellll thats what your ARE
C 		 G     		     D  AM  EM
but this shining flower knows it can stingggggg

from here on its basically the same chords, the riff is played over the second verse.
if there are any queries or improvements to be made, email me at '[email protected]'

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