JJ72, Oxygen.
 Tabbed by Jordan Ogg [email protected]
JJ72 - Oxygen
Tabbed by Jordan Ogg

A		     Bm           E
Short sleeves and warm skin
A		     Bm	          E
Loosing coins calling next of kin
A		     Bm           E
Dropping words about he city were in
Bm			E
Bones compressed by heavy air
Bm			E
Us without, catch us falling there
Bm    Cm  C#m  Dm
Gods in our world

A		Bm		E
You and I were flying so high
A		Bm		E
Yeah,-(don-t know the lyric here!)
A		Bm		E
Our land can not (don-t know lyric!!)
Bm		E
We don-t need oxygen-----

---.song follows same chord pattern throughout, just listen for the changes.

If you can work out the octave bit in the build up to the chorus send it to me.

[email protected]

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