Jimmy Eat World , Lucky Denver Mint.
 Tabbed by Jimmy , [email protected]
Artist: Jimmy Eat World
Song: Lucky Denver Mint
Album: Clarity

    D9  A7 Bm4  A   G6


 D9              A7     Bm4
  This time it's on my own.

 D9            A7        Bm4 
  Minutes from somewhere else.

 D9           A7     Bm4           
  Somewhere I made a wish

D9          A7     Bm4   
 with Lucky Denver Mint.

(same chords)
Hurry go on ahead.
Good things won't let you wait.
I'll catch up when we get home.
At home I'll leave.
A dollar under water keeps on dreaming for me.

D9                      A   
You're not bigger than this, not better.

Why can't you learn. (2times)
G6  D9  A        
       Why can’t you learn
G6   D9   A
Learn learn learn

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