May This Be Love  by Jimi Hendrix
 1st Verse
 E                              F#m7(add4)/E
         Waterfall nothing can harm me at all.
                        A(add2)                      E
         My worries seem so very small with my waterfall.
 2nd Verse
 E                           F#m7(add4)/E
         I can see my rainbow calling me.
                    A(add2)                   E
         Through the misty breeze of my waterfall.
 D                                          G#   A   A#
         Some people say day-dreaming`s for  all the huh!
 B                        E5
         Lazy minded fools with nuthin` all to do.
 D                         A          A(add9) G# G
         So let then laugh, laugh at me.
         (Spoken) So just as ling as I have you
 D                          A
         (Sung) to see me through 
         I have nuthin to lose `long as I have you.
         3rd Verse
 E(add9)                            F#m7(add4)/E
         Waterfall, dont ever change your ways,
         fall with me for a million days,
                    E     Esus4    E
         oh my waterfall.

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