Castles Made of Sand by Jimi Hendrix
 Tabbed by Bucky LaDieu  Thanks Mike Kirby!
 This is how I remember Noel Redding (the Jimi Hendrix Experience bassist)
 played Castles Made of Sand, but my memory is probably corrupted from
 hearing so many other bands cover this fantastic song.
 Repeat this twice for each verse and rest during the chorus.
 During the guitar solo imporv the last two measures repeatedly.
 In the last verse stop playing at "And it really didn`t have to stop..."
     Q e q q   Q e q q   Q e q q     e e e e     Q e q e e   Q e q q  
 Remember Jimi wrote this.  Don`t use you brain to play it, let your feelings
 guide your fingers.
                 Created using the Bass Tab Creator
      __         by Mario D`Alessio (motcid!marble!dalessio)
    +|oo|+       Notes:  w = Whole  h = Half  q = Quarter
      ||                 e = 8th    s = 16th  t = 32nd  x = 64th
      ||                 Capital durations are dotted notes
      ||                   (equal to 1.5 times the duration value)
      ||             #
      ||         +----+                   +----+
   _  ||  _      |*--*+  = MEASURE        |4:--|  = TIME
   _||_//      |*--*+    REPEATS        |4:--|    SIGNATURES
    | [] |       +----+   (#=Num Repeats) +----+
    | || |
   /  []        + = TIE         ^  = TRIPLET           > = BEND
   ______/      H = HAMMER ON     = SLIDE TO FRET     R = Rest
                 P = PULL OFF    X = SLIDE TO NOWHERE  ~ = Trill
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