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Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 11:10:20 -0400
From: [email protected] (Liesbeth Schneider)
Subject: j/jewel/im_sensitive.crd

Artist:  Jewel	
Song  :  I'm sensitive	
Album :  Pieces of you
Chords:  Fia Keppler ([email protected])

This song is already posted in TAB by Xavier Flament.He figured out the right 
way of finger picking for that song and ist sounds pretty cool.But, if you have 
just started to play guitar or you want to sing this song while you play it,you 
may have problems with its special rythm(like me :-) So you may enjoy this 
simple chords(which are figured out by me) ,I think they sound alright.
The Lyrics are also 'stolen' by Xavier Flament.


Verse 1:
D                           A    
I was ...
D                               A
Just to ...

(every verse is played in this way)

Bridge 1:
    G              A
It doesn't ...
      G                         A
Your words ...

(every bridge is played in this way exept the 4rth)

Chorus 1:
     D                    G         D
So please ...
        A                  D
And I'd like...

(every chorus is played in this way exept the 4rth)

Verse 2:

Bridge 2:

Chorus like chorus 1

Verse 3:

Bridge 3:

Chorus like chorus 1

Verse 4:

Bridge 4:
     G                 A
But maybe ...
     G              A
Some day ...
         G         A
'Cause anyone ...
      G              A
It's harder ...
      G                        A
I'd rather ...

Chorus 4:
D                 G
We are ...
      D                      A                D
Be careful ...

Ok,thats it,hope its alright,Fia

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