2 Become 1 (0304)~Jewel

Standard Tuning

     E A D G B E

F    1 3 3 X X X
Bb   X 1 3 3 X X
Dm   X X X 2 3 1
C    X 3 2 0 1 0
Am   X 0 2 2 1 0

Intro:  F-Dm-Bb-F

I watch u while you're sleeping
  F                                        Bb
Messy hair, chest bare, moonlight on your skin
I wanna breathe u in
In the silence, words come easy
F                                      Bb          F
I can tell u now just how simple it's been 2 let u in
        C                      Dm
Don't move, this mood is a painting
We'll never find the same thing


  F                    Dm
Love, do not make a sound
Melt into me now
2 become 1

Love is so close 2 hurting
F                                          Bb            
With a shake we could wake from our own dreaming 
But we must make a vow 
       C                     Dm
'Cause I have waited a lifetime
Now is the right time


 F                            Dm
Love, let's make time stand still
Let this moment last until
2 become 1

 Am          Dm
Like a bird owns its wings 
 Am            Dm
Like a song belongs 2 melody
Bb    C
U belong 2 me

I fold your arms around me
F                                           Bb
Let your flesh, your breath, your love, surround me
Oh, u feel like home


Ahh, this is such a sweet song.  The trick for the verses is to strum the three
indicated strings rapidly; listen to the song to get the rhythm.  Well, have fun
with this one; it's a sexy love song.  If anyone can find the tabs for 'Leave the
Lights On' (also Jewel) let me know!

Any questions or comments:

[email protected]

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