Band: Jet
Song: Move on
Tabbed by:  Nathan Pratt
email: [email protected]


This tab is for the intro only.  This is because the other tabs on the site are great
except they don't have the intro.  The tabe sounds perfect, except for the effects they
use to give it the country sound.  Feel free to email me with any questions.  Enjoy!

e 7/10-10-7p5-3-3------------------------------------------------------
B -----------------------5---5/8 8-------------------------------------
G -------------------------0-------9-7-5-4/12--------------------------
D ---------------------------------------------------------------------
A ---------------------------------------------------------------------
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------

e 7/10-7-5-3---3/8-12-12-10-8-----7/10-10-7p5-3-3----------------------
B -----------5------------------------------------5/3/5-5/3------------
G ---------------------------------------------------------------------
D ---------------------------------------------------------------------
A ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Feel free to add this tab to other sites,
all I ask is that you keep my name as the original author.  Thanks.

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