Artist: Jet
Album: Get Born
Song: Lazy Gun

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Intro: A Bb F

Verse 1: 

A                     Bb          F
Lazy Gun messed up my television yeah
A                              Bb          F
You get no younger from the colors in your hair
A                                Bb                F
Teach your kids how they're all young enough to fight
A                        Bb                F
Talk about the answer. Tell them they're alright


Change Nothing 
Futures in
A6             G
Close the door
Wear a name
Be the same
A6             G
Take some more

Verse 2:

Lazy gun messed up my television fun
Shoot the shotgun but the war is never won
Who's the enemy, who's sucking on my sun?
I'm the only one left now you've taken all my fun

Chorus (2X)


F#  G  (3X)
F#  G    A    G (last time)

Chorus (3X)

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