Bends in the beginning: improvise smth.
 (do not leave 8th and 10th frets and do as many bends as you can
     - and it will do :)

A|-10-10-8-8--------8-8- Bflat5 Bflat5
  This goes almost all time...

Intro Intro and Verses go this way: 


IMO N=4, I don't remember - listen to the song...

D5 and C5 is better to pick on higher frets...
Each chord is played twice
The second guitar with D5 and C5 plays:

   D5                C5 

I have no thought at all about my own reward
I really didn't come here out of my own accord
 D5        C5        Riff
Just don't say I'm  
 D5        C5        Riff
Damned for all time 

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