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From: [email protected] (John Spencer)
Subject: CRD: About You, the Jesus and Mary Chain
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 18:28:10 -0400 (EDT)

About You
by the Jesus and Mary Chain, from the album Darklands
tuning:  standard
chords and lyrics transcribed by John Spencer

(intro)   A  Amaj7  D

A  Amaj7      D
I         can see

     A   Amaj7     D
that you       and me

A                     D
live our lives in the pouring rain
        A                     D
and the raindrops beat out of time
         E      D
to our refrain

(same chords)
and you and me
will win you'll see
people die in their living rooms
but they do not need
this God-almighty gloom

A  Amaj7  D  E   (2 x)

D                   E              A
  There's something warm about the rain
D                   E
  there's something warm
  there's something warm
                    E             A     Amaj7  D  E
  there's something warm in everything

                            A    Amaj7  D  E
  I know there's something good
  there's something good
  about you
  about you
  about you
  I know there's something warm
  there's something warm
  there's something warm
   E          A
  good about you


  A      x02220
  Amaj7  x02120
  D      xx0232
  E      022100

...all feedback welcome.
John ([email protected])

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