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****************** HONKY TONK HEROES ********************

written by Billy Soe Shaver

performed by Waylon Jennings.

Intro:                    D          D            B7      B7         A7

                         u  d       u  d          d      u  d       u  d

     e     -----------------2--2-------2--2----------2------2--2-------3--3-----|
     B    -----------------3--3-------3--3----------0------0--0-------2--2------|
     G     -----------------2--2-------2--2----------2------2--2-------2--2-----|
     D    -------------0---0--0---0---0--0---0------1------1--1---2---2--2------|
     A    --0--2---4----------------------------4--2----2--2--2-----------------|
     E    ----------------------------------------------------------------------|

                A7         D                             D         D

               u  d       u  d                    Low down ...

     e    -------0--0-------2--2---------------------------2--2-------2----------|
     B    -------2--2-------3--3---------------------------3--3-------3----------|
     G     -------0--0-------2--2---------------------------2--2-------2---------|
     D    -------2--2---0---0--0------------0--2--3--4--0---------0---0----------|
     A    ---0---------------------0--2--4---------------------------------------|
     E    -----------------------------------------------------------------------|

Verse 1:
	Low down leaving sun,i've done
	Did everything that needs done
                   D             B7
	Woe is me,why can't i see
               E7                       A
	I best be leaving well enough alone
	Them neon black nights,couldn't stay out of fights
	Them keep a-huanting me memories
                                         D             B7
	There is one in every crowd,for crying out loud
                E7                       A
	Why was it always turning out be me

	Where does it go,the good Lord only knows
	It seems like it was just the other day
                                     D                B7
	I was down at Green Gables,hawking them tables
               E7                                 A
	And generally blowing all my hard earned pay
	Piano rolled blues,danced holes in my shoes
	There weren't another other way to be
                                D                B7
	For loveable losers,no luck can't boozers
              E7                   A
	And honky tonk heroes like me


Thanks to David M. Potter ([email protected]) for the lyrics.
Perret Charles-Amir : [email protected]

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