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A Couple More Years

Waylon Jennings

G                                                     D
Now I've got a couple more years on you babe & that's all
I've had more chances to fly & more places to fall

It's not that I'm wiser it's just that I've spent
More time with my back to the wall
          D                                                   G
And I've picked up a couple a more years on you babe & that's all

Now I've walked a couple more roads than you babe & that's all
And I'm tired of running while you're only learning to crawl
And you're going somewhere but I've been to somewhere
And found it was nowhere at all
And I picked up a couple more years on you babe & that's all

break....    G   D   G

Sayin' goodbye girl don't ever come easy at all
But you got to fly cause you're hearin' them young eagles call
Someday when you're older
You'll smile at a man strong & told
And say I got a couple more years on you babe & that's all

You'll say

repeat 1st verse......

mmmmm mmmm mmmm mmmmm mmm

[email protected] (Daniel Nicholas)

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