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***************** BLACK ROSE *****************

written by Billy Joe Shaver

performed by Waylon Jennings.

Capo on the 3rd fret.

Verse 1:
         E              A
	Way down in Virginia
          E                            B
	Amongst the tall grown sugar canes
          E                        A
	Lived a simple man and a domineering hen
               B                   E
	And a rose of a different name

Verse 2:
          E                    A
	The first time i fell lightly
           E                              B
	I was standing in the drizzling rain
          E                          A
	With a trembling hand and a bottle of gin
               B                   E
	And a rose of a different name

          E                          A
	The devil made me do it the first time
            E                            B
	The second time i done it on my own
          E                     A
	Lord put a handle on a simple handed man
             B                              E
	And help me leave that black rose alone

Verse 3:
         E                   A
	When the devil made that woman
         E                           B
	Lord she threw the pattern away
         E                                A
	She was built for speed with the tools you need
            B                     E
	To make a new fool every day

Verse 4:
         E               A
	Way down deep and dirty
            E                   B
	On the darker side of shame
	    E                            A
	I caught a cane cuttin' man with a bottle of gin
          B                         E
	With a rose of a different name


Thanks to David M. Potter for the lyrics.
Perret Charles-Amir : [email protected]

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