Band : Jellyfish
Song : Bye, Bye, Bye

Added By Mikhailo

So there it is
All the truth is on the table
        D            F#
Nothing to forgive
F#               Bm        F#7
It's ok to start again

The wedding cake
All but fades into a memory
Thrown in Cupid's face
(F#)                    B           C#
Love's just frosting anyway

They both think back to long ago
When thoughts of them both growing old
     C#m           C#m7/B           F#
Had given them the grey hair they deserved
        B         A         F#        E
Singing bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye
           G       A        B         F#7
Well, I've come to take you home

Another wife
Neglected to the end
Lives her own prison life
Solitaire's not just a game

She called his bluff
Even though the tokens
And gold watch were never enough
To tell the time and start again

It seems all of these tragedies
That last and last eternities
Have broken every bank and every bone
Singing bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye
Well, I've come to take you home

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