Cm         Eb        Bb             Gm        F          Cm
Lather was 30 years old today, they took away all of his toys.
    Cm           Eb       Bb
His mother sent newspaper clippings to him
          Gm                F         Cm
About his old friends who'd stopped being boys (paper dolls!).
         Gm       F             Ab
There was Howard C. Green, just turned 33 -
     Eb          Bb           F
His leather chair waits at the bank.
    Gm           F        Ab
And Sergeant Dow Jones, 27 years old -

    Eb          Bb       F
Commanding his very own tank.
    Eb           F          Gm                  Eb
But Lather still finds it a nice thing to do to lie
   F               Gm
About nude in the sand

          Eb        F                          Gm
Making pictures of mountains that looked like bumps
F                               Cm
And thrashing the air with his hands.
      C                    Bb
But wait, old Lather’s productive, you know -
     C             Bb          C
- he produces the finest of sounds.
      C                      Bb
Putting drumsticks on either side of his nose,
     C         Bb          C
Snorting the best licks in town.

Проигрыш: Cm | Eb | Bb | Cm

Gm              Cm
But that's all over.  (Child!)

Lather was 30 years old today
And Lather came foam from his tongue.
He looked at me, eyes wide, & plainly say,
"Is it true that I'm no longer young?" (Mommy?)
And the children call him famous -
What the old men call insane.

     Gm        F          Ab
And sometimes he’s so nameless,
    Eb          Bb           F
He hardly knows what game to play,
What words to say.
         Eb         F        Gm
And I should have told him, "No, you're not old."

       Eb         F        Gm
And I should have let him go on-
    F       Gm
- smiling very wide.

Кода: Cm | Gm | G

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