Feet Touch the Ground is only 2 chords basically all the way through (save the chorus)

          D5                                 C5
Well i thought the worst was over, when my heart.... ect

Pre Chorus
               D5                      C5
Its what they tell me, its what they tell me.

                  E5                      D5  C5  D5  D#5
Well its not the truth, no im not going down 
Till my feet Touch the Ground

Tab Part in the intro

  D5   C5                        D5       C5
e                                              0        0
B                                               9        9
A      10 10 10 10  8 8 8 8 10 10         10      10
E                                           8        8      Start Verse at end of there

If you want the entire thing with lyrics and all chords set out properly, feel free to email me on [email protected] with the subject entitled REST OF RIFF!!

thanks fellas

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