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Take Me With You (When You Go)

Verse 1
C             D           F       C               D      F
Day is done, night is returning.  Icy black, the muddy waters.
C                  D                 F
I've got to know, won't you please tell me.
C                            D    F
Sinking like a stone, in the icy water

G                 F             C
Each night when I go to bed I pray, Take me with you when you go  2X

Verse 2:
Past the house, where first they brought you.  Carried you to sleep, protected
from harm.  And when they're gone, soon be returning.  The ones you live by,
they found a foothold.


Verse 3:
Like the sweet breeze, the swwet breeze that brought you.  Left by chance,
broke down by your words.  What did I know, to ask you to leave me.  Leaving a
doubt upon my doorstep.


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