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Date: Sun, 13 Oct 1996 06:03:53 -0700
Subject: Jars of clay (songs separated by dashed lines)

From: [email protected] (Bob Silver)

                        Flood  -by Jars Of Clay

                        Transcribed by: Dan Silver
                        Address: ([email protected])

(capo @ the 3rd fret)

intro - Cm  Af  Bf  G7sus   (2x)

verse - (palm muted)
        Cm  Bf  G7sus  (4x)

chorus -  (non-muted)
        Cm  Bf  G7sus  (4x)
        Cm  Af  Bf  Ef
        Cm  Af  Bf  G7sus  (3x)
        C2  (3&1/2 measures)

repeat verse & chorus

string interlude:sorry guys didn't do the strings but where the vocals
come in try using (same old) Cm Af Bf G7sus progression arpeggiating
each chord.

repeat more stuff and fade

Chords:  (chords written from bottom up. . ie (EADGBE)

        Cm         Af        Bf        G7sus
     (x35543)   (466533)  (688733)   (353533) or (353563)

        C2        Ef
     (335533)   (11,13,13,12,3,3) or (x68833)


From: Nolan Rossi 

by Jars Of Clay
as told by Paul and Nolan Rossi

capo 1st fret, all cords open 'cept Bb

Dm            Bb   Dm                          Bb
Arms nailed down, are you telling me something?

Dm           Bb   Dm                         Bb
Eyes turned out, are you looking for someone?


Dm                Bb  F  C
This is the one thing, the one thing that I know.

Dm              Bb   Dm                   Bb
Blood-stained brow, are dying for nothing?

Dm            Bb  Dm                Bb
Flesh and blood, is it so elemental?


Dm              Bb   Dm                        Bb
Blood-stained brow, He wasn't broken for nothing

Dm             Bb  Dm                      Bb
Arms nailed down, He didn't die for nothing.



Liquid by Jars of Clay
Transcribed by Jay Mallison 

You can put the capo at the second fret to make it
easier to play but the chords are written open

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