Song: Coffee
Artist: Jars of Clay
Album: (not yet released)
Tabbed By: David Norwood

Bar all the chords during the verse for the real sound

Verse 1:
  Em      Am         G         D
Call it obsession, call it fanatical
    Em         Am      G        D
I am not trying to make this a spectical
  Em      Am              G         D
But this craving that justifies behaving
  Em          Am          G     D
I really need some of that...

  A      E  F#  D/F#  A                    E  F#     D
In my ooh ooh ooh  good coffee, strong coffee, eeh eeh
 A         E          F#   D          A          E  F#    D   A
I need to have some, ooh ooh good coffee strong coffee ee

Verse 2:
 Em    Am      G        D
Ooh cappachino double expresso
 Em           Am    G              D
I need something with a really big kick
 Em              Am      G               D
You ask me 'bout cream, you ask me 'bout suger
 Em               Am           G        D
I tell ya those things make me sick

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