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Eyes without a face - Billy Idol - transcribed by Gary Chapman


/ = slide up/down

         Emaj7          C#min              G#min               Bmaj
Verse 1: I'm all out of hope, one more bad dream could bring a fall.

         Emaj7             C#min                      G#min 
         When I'm far from home, don't call me on the phone to tell me 

         you're alone.

     Emaj7        C#min            G#min                      Bmaj
E -----7------------4----------------4-------------------------7---------
B -----9------------5----------------4-------------------------7---------
G -----8------------6----------------4-------------------------8---------
D -----9------------6----------------6-------------------------9---------
A -----7------------4----------------6-------------------------9---------
E -----------------------------------4-------------------------7---------
  It's easy to deceive, it's easy to tease, but hard to get release.


   Amaj            Bsus4                         F#min9                Bsus4
E --0----------------0-----------------------------0---------------------0--
B --2----------------0-----------------------------5---------------------0--
G --2----------------4-----------------------------2---------------------4--
D --2----------------4-----------------------------4---------------------4--
A --0----------------2---------------------------------------------------2--
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Les yeux sans visage  (eyes without a face) |  face , got no human grace 
    Les yeux sans visage  (eyes without a face) |
    Les yeux sans visage,  eyes without a       |

Verse 2:   same chords, but play the following natural harmonics throughout.

E ------------    I spend so much time believing all the lies to keep
B ------------      the dream alive.
G -------------------
D -------------------    Now it makes me sad, it makes me mad at truth,
A -------------------      for loving what was you.
E -------------------


             E5                      Dmaj         Amaj
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------
B -----------------------------------7-------7--7-5-------7---7-5------7-5--
G -----------9--9--------9--9------9-7-------7--7-6-------7---7-6------7-6--
D -----------9--9--------9--9------9-7-------7--7-7-------7---7-7------7-7--
A -----------7--7--------7--7-----------5-5----------5-5----5--------5------
E -16--0-0---------0-0---------0-------------------------------------------

       When you hear the music, you make a dip, into someone else's pocket
       then make the slip.  Steal a car and go to Las Vegas the gigolo pool.
       I'm on a bus on a psychedelic trip reading murder books tryin' to 
       stay hip.  I'm thinkin' of you and you're out there so... say your


Mr.Scary (Gary Chapman)
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