Hurriganes - Mister X
Author:Joel Fagerholm

The trick in this song is that you always play the chord E
Its quet so easy if you get hang on it....And...Thats it!

Spoken intro: Hey guess whos come to town
Itґs Mister x and heґs looking for foxes
And when he find that fox
Heґs gonna have him some fun
Iґm a black cat boogie lover
Iґm a red hot stud
Iґm a holy rolling coaster
Shaking out of my love
Got midnight shifts to work on
Got money left to burn
Got beer in my freezer
Got nothing left to learn
Iґm your man
Iґm the hoochie coochie toker
Iґm the first in line
There ainґt no-one here to match me
Iґm a lucky number nine
Got snakeskin sneakers and a mohair zoot
Big banana in my larder
Baby just feel my fruit
Iґm your man
Guitar solo
Iґm the honky mojo worker
Iґm the man with all the jive
Foxes seem to stick around
Like bees around the hive
Thunder in my eyes
Raining in my bones
Lightning in my pocket
Baby come on ride my storm
Iґm your man
Iґm your man
Guitar solo

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