Song- Bad News Blair
Band- Home Grown
Album- Act Your Age
Tabbed By- Jesse Krupocin ([email protected]) 
email with suggestions and requests

**Watch for order of song, notes in there to guide**

Gb :----------------------------------------------------------------|
Db :-------------------5-----------------------------------------5--|
Ab :--0-1-------0-1-333-3-------0000011111-----888887777755555333-3-|
Eb :1-----3---1------------11111----------33333---------------------|

Part 1
Gb :-----------------------------------------|
Db :--------532--333-2------232h3p2----------|
Ab :11101233---3------53--33--------111012-3-|
Eb :-----------------------------------------|

Part 2 
Gb :-------------------0002333-|
Db :33----333----33------------|
Ab :---533---311---533---------|
Eb :---------------------------|

Fill 1  (now shes calling your house....)
Gb :-------------------------------------------|
Db :-----------------------6797-976-4575---9---|
Ab :-----0000011111-------7----6---5----777-7--|
Eb :11111----------33333-----------------------|

Back to Part 1

Part 3  (girl thats gonna break your heart again...)
Gb :--------------|
Db :333----23-----|
Ab :---5333-------|
Eb :--------------|

followed by.. (played twice)
Gb :-------------------------------------------|
Db :---------------------------------32-23532--|
Ab :0111113333300000555551111333333----3-------|
Eb :-------------------------------------------|

Then Part 1 during guitar solo

Followed by Part 2 with some variations such as:
Gb :--320--|
and others thrown in, easy to figure out...

Followed by..
Gb :--------------------------------|
Db :----------2-----------------5---|
Ab :---0--1---3-----8--7--5--333-3--|
Eb :1-------------------------------|

Part 1 one more time
Then Part 3 one more time

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