Artist: Hoax
Album: Safety First
Track: Identity
Tabbed by Flexos C. Standard tuning.


B5                  G5     A5                    
Finding a way...


G5         A5         B5      C#5

All of the solo is played on the 1st string,
(high E). (The solo is actually played on a second guitar.)






Finding a way, to get through the day,
Is the hardest thing that I do,
But as I dream, life's not as I seems,
I don't know how to get through.
Where is the mirth? It left after birth,
Now I wish that I had gone.
To live for today, is miles away,
It feels like I cannot go on.


But still I'm thanking you for the chance,
The chance to breath.
I'm glad you named me,
And now I have an identity.

Verse 2:

Wondering how, I'm hear right now,
Is a huge mystery to me.
Why don't I go, I really don't know.
At least I have someone to be.
I shut my eyes, And realise,
I might as well remain asleep.
Laughing aloud, and smiling:
For me that's the biggest leap.


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