Artist: Hoax
Album: Safety First
Track: Hidden
Standard Tuning.
Tabbed by Flexos C.


G5    B#5   A5  A#5   A5


The verse is the same chords as the intro, but each chord is
only played once. 

Chorus: Play the intro riff for the chorus.

The solo on Hidden is also on the 1st string, high E.
So here it is,


Do this 3 times, then on the fourth time:




Everyday, every minute,
of my life I ask,
what's every one like,
behind their phony masks?
Hiding personality,
blinding from the truth.
Who they all are,
and what they all do.
It's all just so unreal.

Never fitting in,
where you think you belong.
You think youre always right,
but your always wrong.
It's just not what it seems.

Every day, every minute...

In this world, 
to be yourself it seems forbidden.
Covered up, overshadowed,
everything is hidden.
Nothing now is genuine.

Everyday, every minute...

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