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Subject: CRD:Robyn Hitchcock:ArmsOfLove
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1993 02:15:14 GMT

Robyn Hitchcock - The Arms Of Love
>From 'Respect'

G   C                  G      CG
Maybe tonight you're aching
C                               A              C
For someone you're dreaming of
A                   D         C
Wait till the dawn is breaking
A              D        C
Into the arms of love

Maybe tonight you're crying
Like a poor wounded dove
Tomorrow you'll be flying
Into the arms of love

Maybe tonight you're falling
For someone you don't know enough
Tell me you'll soon be crawling
Into the arms of love

Maybe your world is fading
It wasn't strong enough
Through all the dirt you're wading
Into the arms of love

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