this is a rare song off the first EP 666 Ways to Love. Its a nice slow song.

song:The love that died
Album: 666 ways to love
tabbed by:Logguna of Socastee

 Our love was once so sweet
    C       A       G

But now I can feel the heat
     D         F

 Of you and me
 C     D    F

We are falling apart
   Fm       Dm
Please don't this end with a broken heart
  C    D   D    F    G    E     A     E

  How can you be so cold
     G     C      E

 And just let our love unfold
     G     C      E

Ohh The nights I've cried 
     E         Em

How can this be the Love that died
   F    A    d    G7th    Em

You have taken my spirit away
   D       D        E

Now like death, your memory shall stay
    E7th        C           g

Haunting me

Reminding me of what we used to be
        E     G     D    E



------------11-----11--10----10-11-10    Play the solo slow so it has a sad
--------------------------11---------                type sound


Thats it! its a really good slow song

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