From the keeper of the seven keys I album
(music & lyrics M.Weikath)

       Am         Em    
Here I stand all alone
        Am             Fm       
Have my mind turned to stone
        Dm                   Am
Have my heart filled up with ice
    Em                 Am     G  
To avoid it´s breakin´ twice

        Am                Em
Thanx to you, my dear old friend
              Am               Fm
But you can´t help, this is the end
     Dm               Am
Of a tale that wasn´t right
        Em              Am
I won´t have no sleep tonight

F5 G5 A5           G5
In my heart, in my soul
         F5      C5      #A5 G5 
I really hate to pay this to-ll
F5     G5 A5                G5
Should be strong, young and bold
        F5           E5      A5
But the only thing I feel is pain

       Am                Em
It´s alright, we´ll stay friends
            Am      Fm
Trustin´ in my confidence
          Dm              Am
And let´s say it´s just alright
          Em            Am
You won´t sleep alone tonight


        F5           G5              E5

            D5              E5             A5

F5   G5 A5             G5
With my heart, with my soul
          F5      C5        #A5 G5
Some guys cry you bought and so-ld
F5      G5   A5                G5 
They´ve been strong, young and bold
         F5                   E5
And they say, play this song again


Transcribed by Harri Lopina
PS.(I´m not really sure about solo and I don´t know anything 
    for first solo licks from start)
from:([email protected])

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