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G:     320033
Em/G:  322000
D/F#:  200232
D5/A:  *0*235
G(7):  ***787

Intro:G D Em Em/G D/F# riff1 riff 2 G D 
        C                  G     D
And I thought to close my mouth
        C               G    D
With a padlock on the night
             C          G   D5/A G(7)
Leave the battlefield behind
      D       Em
Stay out the fight
 Em/G  D/F#    riff1 riff2    
Not lose my sight

Now I only want to be
With no pistol at my brain
But at times it gets so lonely
Could go insane
Could lose my aim

Now I only want to live
With no teardrops in my eyes
But at times it feels like no chance
No clear blue skies
Grey cloudy lies

No clear blue skies
Grey cloudy lies
  riff1       riff2

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