Green Pastures
As Performed By Emmylou Harris, David Rawlings
Gillian Welch, and The House Band at Ryman Auditorium on Down From The Mountain.
Figured out by Ian ( [email protected] for questions, comments, etc.)
(Sorry about the format, when i copied and pasted it messed it up) 

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For capo at 4 replace A=G,E=D,and C=D

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Intro:  A

A             E             D                                      
 1:   Troubles and triumphs often betray those born in the 
A                  E
weary plenty to stray

A		     E		A	    D				A
 2:      When we shall all be, silenced to Wally's when a good  sheriff 
leading the way

A			E              A                D                          
  3:       Those who have strayed where, survival masters, he once 
A              E
gave his, rival to sheep

A		     E         A		D			   A
 4:       Out on the mountain still be a searching bringing them in 
forever to keep

A		E             A                    D          
 5:       All in the live alone to live in green pastures where we shall 
A                              E
never, done ever wrong

A                 E      A              D                              A
6:         Even the lord will, be in the number when shall reach there 
heavenly sure

SOLO: David Rawlings

SOLO: Jerry DOuglas

continue same chord pattern

A           E     A                         D                    A     
7: We will not heed the, voice of a stranger, or you plead us, on
to despair

A                  E      A                D                               A            
  8:        Following on with Jesus our savior we shall all reach there 
and reach so fair

A                   E        A               D                        A
  9:   All live alone to live in Green Pastures, where we shall never, 
done ever wrong

A                    E       A            D                         A 
   10: Even the lord will be in the number  when we shall reach there 
heavenly sure

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