Ben Harper
Amen Omen
Diamonds on the inside
Tabbed by Tim Twiname


    Am               F              C                G
the rest of the song is played the same expect for the solo*

 Am                F
What started as a whisper 
          C          G
slowly turn into a scream
 Am                F
searhing for an answer
              C        G
where the question is unseen
  Am                F
i don't where you came from
             C                 G
and I don't know where you've gone
 Am                   F
old friends become old strangers
                   C          G
between the darkness and the dawn

F    C
Amen Omen
G               Am
will I see your face again
F    C
Amen omen
G            Am
can I find a place within
F              C
to live my life 
G     Am   F C
without you

Verse 2

I still hear you saying
all of life, it is chance
and is sweetest, 
is sweetest, with any glance
but I live I live a hundred
a hundred life times 
but I die a little 
in every breathe that i take


Am F C G x2

Verse 3

Listen to a whisper
slowly drift away
silence is the loudest
parting word, you never say
I put, I put your world
into my viens
and now a voiceless sympathy is all 
that remains

Chorus continuosly plays to fade


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