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Here is the music to My Valuable Hunting

Knife, in case you dont know it already. I am in the process of writing a new

kind of tablature. Its user friendly. The video version of this song


kicks ass, I think on a level with the ep I am a scientist. They sound better

when they sit on for awhile, Dont stop now aint that great though. Just my


My valuable hunting Knife.

This whole song is like reduced bar chords, so just concentrate on the 3

lowest strings(or the top ones) you know e, a ,d

intro:nenenene de nene de Abar, Gbar

  Cflat(8th fret bar) you drop the pointy finger to get the E but you leave


the other two fingers on the cflat  so the nene's are cflat and the de's are

with the pointy dropped to E  Thats the tough part

If you can figure out what that means you get a Gold star

So you play the intro   which is the verse too then you get to the

Everything I think about I think about, everything i talk about I talk about

Fbar drop pointer to E(leave the rest on F) repeat

With You, but you dont know what I go through, you dont know

       Gbar             F                G            F   

Intro again

  The Ill never know part goes

   F but bar its like an open A(above the E) Slide pointer to E slide whole

chord to D

F E D   Ill never know    F E D  Ill never know  GEt it?

If I will Run, IF I will, If I will hide  If I will hide IF I will Run!

F  G        A          G  F     G    A         G     F

anyways its F G A G F

Those are all the parts   You can put em together yourself

This is completely nuts   we will see if anyone can understand or wants to

Im Am sure its right though, You can Ask Bob if you want.

I saw Sprout's photo realistic painting, I was pretty surprised. They are

rennaisance men. Love pete

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