Bass tab

Artist: Guano apes
Song: We use the pain
Album: Proud like a god
Tabbed by: Robert van der Poel

This is the first time I tabbed a song so there could be mistakes in it.
Send corrections or commends to: [email protected]
This song has a really cool bass line.


G [[--------------------------]]
D [[-----------------12-13----]]
A [[------7-13-12-------------]]
E [[-6-7----------------------]]
B [[--------------------------]]

Bridge 1:

G [[--------]]
D [[--------]]
A [[------7-]]  
E [[-6-7----]]
B [[--------]]


G [[--------------]]
D [[--------------]]
A [[--------------]]
E [[-3--5--3------]]
B [[------------3-]]

Bridge 2 (part 1):

G [[---------------]]
D [[---------------]]
A [[---------------]]
E [[-5-5---7h9p7h9-]]
B [[---------------]]

(part 2):

     /1,3,4,5,7           /2,5,8
G [[---------------------]----------]]
D [[---------------------]----------]]
A [[---------------------]----------]]
E [[-5-5---7h9p7h9-]-5555---7h9p7h9-]]
B [[---------------------]----------]]


Intro/Verse:       27 times
Bridge 1:           1 time
Chorus:             8 times
Intro/Verse:       15 times
Bridge 1:           1 time
Chorus:             8 times
Bridge 2 (part 1): 12 times
         (part 2):  1 time
Chorus:             8 times

The Intro/Verse is fingered, it takes some getting used to but it's really cool.
There is no outro, the song ends right after the last chorus line.
Maybe I've counted some bits wrong, but if you listen to the song you should be able to figure it out.
Have fun!

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