URL to official Group X page : http://www.groupxarab.com/
Country : Saudi Arabia (I think)
Albums: 40 oz. Slushie, Group X

Song: Dont Touch That
Band: Group X
Album: Stepping on the Crowtch owf your Americain Presidaint




1. shmy shmy shmy shmy music in me so good 
   makes me say o my god thank u for giving 
   me a two hip ryhme and a two hip beaty feel good
   and i dont know what but thats my hotdog 	
   and u cant so get ur hands off and u know what 
   thats my hotdog     cant touch     

2. every time u see me hashmeer is in trouble i like to chew 
   gum and i like to blow a bubble  one time i blew a bubble 
   so big inside of the bubble was a little kid  little kid come
   out and he says to me shwat i say get ur hands my hotdog   
   that is something      cant touch

3. when i get tired i like to take a nap and u say group x
   steal the beats and thats buch of crap y would we ever stop 
   doing that cause puff daddy do it exept he cannot rap
   been around the world from chicago to yew nork its hashmeer
   go   hashmeer go   hashmeer go  hashmeer go and the rest can go away 

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