SONG: Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
ARTIST: Grinspoon (covering Prong)
ALBUM: Pushing Buttons EP
TAB: Mikey


This is basically exactly the same as the original Prong version, but a little bit
different (the end of the verse, on the Prong version, has a more double-kick drum
sound to it, and the second verse of the Grinspoon version repeats the main heavy
riff throughout, as well as having the PM'd riff). The chorus is also played a little
bit differently. But anyway this is Grinspoon's kickarse version. Enjoy!

D |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
F |--------------------------6--------------------------------6------------------------|
C |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G |-----0---0-0--------------4------------(4)-0--------------4-------------5/10-----|
C |-----0---0-0--------------------------------0----------------------------5/10-----|
     PM ^   ^

D |---------------------------------|
A |---------------------------------|
F |o-------------------------------o|
C |o-------------------------------o|
G |-----0--0--0---------1-----1-----|
C |-----0--0--0---------1-----1-----|
    (play x 8)

D |--------------------------------------|
A |--------------------------------------|
F |--------------------------------------|
C |--------------------------------------|
G |-----0---------

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