Little girl, little girl
Why are you crying?
   C                  C7                 Fm
Inside your restless soul your heart is dying  

Little one, little one
Your soul is purging
Of love and razor blades
Your blood is surging

From the river to the street
          C         C7               Fm     
Find yourself with your face in the gutter

Your a stray for the salvation army
There is no place like home
When you got no place to go

Little girl, little girl
Your life is calling
The charlatans and saints of your abandon
Little one, little one
The sky is falling
The lifeboat of deception is now sailing
In the wake all the way
No rhyme or reason
Your bloodshot eyes
Will show your heart of treason
Little girl, little girl
You dirty liar
You're just a junkie
Preaching to the choir

      C#                   G#
The traces of blood always follow you home         
Like the mascara tears from your getaway
Your walking with blisters and running with shears
So unholy sister of grace


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