From: [email protected] (Rosenbaum)
 One of My Lies by Green Day
 Once more, this is not for you poser pansies who don't know anything past
 Longview and Basket Case.
 			D								A
 When I was younger
 I thought that the world
 Circled around me
 							E						G
 But, in time i realized
 I was so wrong.
 			D											A													G
 My immortal thoughts turned into a dream
 Of a dead future
 			E												G					A
 It was a tragic case of my reality.
 											G													A
 Well, do you think you're indestructable
 				G											A
 And noone can touch you?
 						G											A											G														A
 Well I think you're disposable and it's time you knew the truth.
 						D														A
 'Cause It's just one of my lies
 						D														A
 'Cause It's just one of my lies
 						D														A
 And all I wanna do is get real high
 						D														A
 'Cause It's just one of my lies
 Why does my life have to
 Be so small and
 Death is forever?  And,
 Does forever have a life to call it's own?
 Don't give me an answer 'cause you only know
 As much as I know
 Unless you've been there once, hell, I
 Hardly think so.
    D										A
 	(no chords)            D										A
 I used to pray at night.
 	(no chords)            D										A
 Before I laid my self down
  	(no chords)            D										A
 My mother said it was right
 		(no chords)
 Her mother said it too
 EMail me if ya want at [email protected]
 Jeremy Rosenbaum

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