From: [email protected]
 Subject: One For the Razorbacks - Green Day
 Date: Wed, 30 Aug 1995 21:43:25 -0500 (CDT)
 One for the Razorbacks - GREEN DAY
 Here is yet another Green Day tune off Kerplunk.  Cool song, fun to play. 
 Write me if you
 Download this.  I want to hear from you.  If you have any Green Day requests,
 I can play just
 About everything.  Thanks.
 INTRO (Cleanly arpeggio.  Listen to the CD.)
 B     F#     B     E     B     F#      B
 B        F#
 Juliet's tryin
 B                            E
 To find out what she wants, but she don't know
 B           F#                  B            F#
 Experience has got her down
 B             F#
 Look this direction,
 B                   E
 I know it's not perfection, it's just me...
 B            F#                       B
 I want to bring you up again now.
       F#                    E            B
 I'm losing what's left of my dignity
             F#                   E                        
 A small price to pay to see that you're happy.
            F#              E                            B
 Forget all the disappointments you have faced
          F#                   E                       B
 Open up your worried world and let me in
 Juliet's crying
 Cause now she's realizing love can be
 Filled with pain and distrust.
 I know I am crazy, and a bit lazy
 But I will try to bring you up again somehow.
 SOLO (chords under the solo, same as verse)
 Repeat VERSE 2
 End on B.
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